Why I fell truly madly deeply in love with Bedarra Island Resort

By February 5, 2017Travel

Often long distance relationships get a bad wrap – but this time, we make it work.

I travelled 1600-kilometres by plane and 140-kilometres by helicopter for the promise of a whirlwind-weekend fuelled by luxury and indulgence.

No man may be an island, but I’m going to put it out there – who needs a man when you’ve got an island?

Meet Bedarra Island Resort, my island-crush, perched just off Mission Beach’s shoreline, loyally waiting for me to touch down.

Since I’m no monogamist when it comes to island flings, I encourage you to spend a night between Bedarra Island’s tropical sheets.

If you’re heading up that way for a taste of paradise, here’s what to expect:

How to get there: Fly to Cairns, then either drive two hours south to Mission Beach for a ferry transfer to Bedarra or take a helicopter direct to the island from Cairns. Bedarra have their own helicopter service and if you can line your flight up with someone returning, you’ll split the cost!

Rates: Sell the car, sell the boat .. sell the kids if you have to – rates start at $1025/night but once you are there, everything is included – meals on demand, open bar, private boat hire, snorkelling equipment – and that’s just the start of it.

Want to go?  Bedarra Island Resort, (07) 4068 8233.

Have you been to Bedarra? Let’s swap cocktail stories in the comments below.

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